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Hi!  I am JJ DunhamReed

I love to garden, escape to nature, and create random acts of art.  I love deeply, laugh loudly, proclaim the Joy of my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, and I dance in the rain even if there are people watching!  

My husband and I parent seven (7) wonderful children together. The children range between the ages of 21 years old down to 5 years old.  At least three (3) of the children have NB/FASD challenges.  We were also blessed to have a most precious and beautiful Granddaughter! 


My vision in creating FASDtastic Families is to have an easily accessible hub of resources for parents, care-providers, families, and loved ones, all who journey through life alongside an Individual with NB/FASD.  Both individuals with and without professional, official medical diagnosis.


My hope is to provide you with - or point you in the right direction to find – the resources and connections I most desperately needed when my family began our journey with NB/FASD in 2017.

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