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Where I found comrades.

FASD Awareness Month - September 2022 - brought with it great excitement and activity.

It's been a whole year since I entered the FASD advocacy arena.

It's been the best year of being a caregiver to children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities I've ever experienced. I no longer felt alone in my daily struggles.

Community is an important aspect of self care.

We are communal beings.

We, as humans, need one another whether we want to admit it or not.

Having an encouraging word come over messenger, or a shoulder to cry on when people around me just don't 'get it' has been a sanity saver.

Sharing our success and having peers from all over the world celebrating with us, is a bright shining light in a darkness I was being engulfed by.

We CAN, when we come together. Accepting each others where we're at and for who we are.

Keep encouraging each other!


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